Tall Cat Fence Conversion Kit, 100 Feet, for Wooden Walls and Fences


Kit with 12 Tall Extender Arms for a 3-Foot Vertical Extension, 100 Feet


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Talll Conversion KitProduct ID: CF-CVKT-100-3

This conversion kit comes with 12 extender arms equipped with mounting plates (CF-ARM-NEW-3). It is the right kit for you if your existing fence is made of wood and if the cat fence needs to extend between 1 and 3 feet above the top of the existing fence.

Parts included in this 100-foot cat fence conversion kit with a 3-foot extension:

Polypropylene fencing, heavy duty reinforced, 6 x 100 feet

12 overhang extender arms with mounting plates, (1-3/8 inches in diameter, 36 inches tall, and about 2 feet wide, CF-ARM-NEW-3).

12 caps to place in the open bottoms of the extender arm pipes (product 15-17).

100 eight-inch strong black zip-lock ties

48 one-and-a-half-inch wood screws

Installation instructions


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