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Cat Fence Kit Parts

  • Extender arm, black (without hardware) for mounting on posts (CF-PST-6 or CF-PST-7.5). Freight charges may apply. See Shipping and Returns page.

    Cat Fence Extender Arm: Improve Your Fence: Available for Purchase
    • Product ID: CF-EXTARM-REG
    • This inward-pointing extender arm mounts directly on the male end of a cat fence post (CF-PST-6 or CF-PST-7.5). To keep the arm from moving, apply a self-tapping screw (CF-SCREW-16). The arm can also be mounted on a wooden fence or wall to convert the wall or fence into part of a cat enclosure. But since this requires an end cap (CF-ENDCAP) and wall mount (CF-WALLMNT) as well as wood screws such as CF-SCREW-WOOD-30, if one is converting a wooden wall or fence into a cat enclosure it is better to get our extender arm CF-ARM-NEW, which comes with a base plate and requires no end cap or wall mount.

      Our Price: $34.95
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