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Deer Fence that Really Keeps Out Deer


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Why Our Deer Fence Works: What You Should Know

Deer eating plants, no deer fence

Best Prices: Lowest deer fence prices, built-in volume discounts, price matching.

Professional and Farm Discounts: Contractors, farmers, orchardists contact us to receive these discounts.

Free and Prompt Shipping: We provide free shipping from East and West Coast warehouses on all orders over $90.

Expert Guidance: Contact our experts to discuss your project, review your plans, get free and detailed quotes.

Sound Fence Design: Save big-time by getting all the things you need and nothing more. 

Full Customer Service: We take good care of you. Besides providing expert advice, fence design, and quotes, we stand behind our products and make a point of being available to deal with any questions that arise.    

Best Catalog: Our well-organized, user-friendly catalog offers the widest selection of high-quality deer fence products on the web--including poly, metal hex, and welded wire fencing, angle-iron and round black posts, and an array of other products.

Best Kits:We offer the widest selection of sensible deer fence kits on the internet; pick what's best for you.

Other Fences: If you're looking for dog fences or cat fences we offer those as well.

Background Information: This site has lots of background information on deer behavior, fence options, and fence planning.

Best Installation Instructions: We take pride in providing the world's best deer fence installation instructions. Our installation videos (viewing time 1 hour) contain all the information needed for you or your chosen workers to install our barrier deer fence--allowing you to avoid high professional fence installation fees. Our written instructions are longer but of the same high quality. They can be used by beginners and pros alike to learn the fine points of deer fence installation.

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Why You Should Buy from Us

  • We Pledge You: High quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery, sound guidance, and satisfaction.
  • Wide Product Choice: Our products cover the full range of effective barrier deer fencing tools and supplies.
  • Broad Experience: We have knowledge of both barrier fence and electric fence. So we can help you weigh the pros and cons of these alternatives, both alone and in combination.
  • Guidance: These pages and our Deer Fence Installation Videos contain all the information needed for you or your chosen workers to install our barrier deer fencing–allowing you to avoid high professional installation fees.
  • Consultation: Our customer service desk is available to help with product options, quotes, and technical queries.

Other McGregor Websites

The McGregor Fence Company LLC has other websites and catalog stores dedicated to dog fences and cat fences. These sites can be reached from our links page.


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