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Dog Fence Information: Introduction
Dog Fence Facts
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Welcome to McGregor's Dog Fence Information Pages

This site contains a lot of information about dog fences.

  • Facts: We start in the Dog Fence Facts Section with information about various sorts dog behaviors that have fence implications. This section covers things like dog fence reliability, how barrier and shock collar fences measure up, how tall the fence should be, whether a digging barrier is needed, and how various sorts of dog behavior patterns and motivations should influence one's choice.

  • Options: The next section examines a wide range of  Dog Fence Options, starting with the various kinds of dog fences, an examination of several kinds of fences, choice of posts and post spacing, various handy tools, whether cement footings are appropriate, types of available gates, and how to employ zip-lock ties, U-nails, and ground stakes.

  • Free Quotes: If you decide to use our materials, you can simply order one or more of our kits or products on-line or by calling us at 508-888-8305 (9-5, M-F, eastern time). You can  also call us at this number to request a free quote and parts list, or you can go to our Free Quote and Parts List Page, select the class of fence you want quoted, fill out the appropriate quote form, and submit the form to us. We will send you your quote within two business days.

  • Installation Instructions: Once you have your materials on hand, or at least on the drawing board, either you or someone you connect with will need to install the fence. But professional fence installers are expensive, so in many cases it is worth doing the job yourself or finding a local landscaper or handyman to do it. For this reason we provide installations instructions for all our fences on this site. Simply go to the Installation Instructions Page and use the menu to reach the instructions that apply.

So welcome to our information pages. Whether you buy from us or not, we hope that you will use them productively and enjoy them.


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