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DOG FENCE top rail pipes and parts


Top Rail Pipes and Parts

Should you want a top rail to firm up your fence and improve its appearance, we offer a 96 x 1-3/8 inch top rail pipe similar to our 1-3/8 black galvanized round posts. This pipe has a 4-inch male end that slips into the next pipe in line, so its actual working length is 92 inches. To install this top rail on a fence using our 1-5/8 inch round posts, you will need 4 small parts, as follows: (1) rail ends that get inserted into the end of certain top rail pipes (2 at each corner of your fence, 2 at each gate, and 1 at each end). (2) self-tapping screws (applied with an electric drill using a Philips head bit) that attach the rail end to the end of the top rail pipe (get 1 screw for each rail end). (3) brace bands with nuts, bolts, and washers, matching the number of rail ends. These are placed on corner, end, and gate posts and attach to the rail ends, securing the top rail pipes to each corner, end, and gate post. Get 2 brace bands per corner, 2 per gate, and 1 per end. And finally, (4) loop caps that are set on the tops of all the remaining round posts and that carry the top rail along the fence.

Top Rail Pipe

Top Rail Parts

Self-tapping screws, bag of 16
Prod. ID: CF-SCREW-16
Dog Fence Loop Cap for 1-5/8 In Post: Elegant Fence: Learn More
Prod. ID: 15-18
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $2.95
5 - 9 $2.80
10+ $2.66


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