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DOG fence rolls: Introduction

Polypropylene Fencing
Metal Hexagrid Fencing
Welded Wire Fencing
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 A McGregor dog fence with metal hexagrid fencing

Our Dog Fencing

We sell three kinds of dog fence rolls -- polypropylene, metal hexagrid, and welded wire. The polypropylene is a strong material but not one that will resist persistent efforts to claw or chew. Therefore, it should be reserved for dog fences where the dog will not be inclined to challenge the fence or will be supervised. The metal hexagrid material is much stronger, will resist all but the strongest and most determined chewers, produces an attractive fence, and is nearly invisible against a green or wooded background. For these reasons in most cases it is the dog fencing material we recommend.

Our welded wire fencing is even stronger than the metal hexagrid material, produces an attractive fence, and is fully able to resist chewers. However, its small rectangular mesh openings (2 x 4 inches on the 4-foot fencing, 1.5 x 4 inches on the 6-foot fencing) does offer some purchase for dogs eager to clamber up and over. So if your dog is a big-time chewer the welded wire is fine, but if it is a climber stick with the metal hex. 


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