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dog fence parts: introduction

Dog fence parts, a collage showing metal hexagrid fencing, a dog fence post, a brace band, tie wire, a post driver, and a ground stake       Dog fence gate by McGregor Fence with metal hexagrid dog fencing

Dog Fence Parts

We offer all the parts sold in our dog fences as separate items and provide descriptions of those parts. If you prefer to custom-build your fence, you will find that you can do that for about the same price as the parts would cost if you bought them in a kit. Simply use the menu above to reach the parts you want. Should you wish to make an existing fence dog-proof, use our main menu (at the left on a PC, at the top on a tablet or cell phone) to reach our dog-proofing electric fences and digging barriers. For guidance on how to install parts, see our installation instructions or call us at 508-888-8305.


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