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Barrier Fences for Dogs (Metal Hexagrid Kits with top support)

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Metal Hexagrid Kits


Our barrier fences for dogs made with metal hexagrid fencing are among the best dog fences anywhere. Strong, effective, and permanent, they provide a handsome, low-visibility dog enclosure solution that far outmatches any shock collar fence. All of these fences come with top support wires that give them a finished, professional look. Their prime ingredient, metal hexagrid dog fencing, resembles sturdy 20-gauge small-mesh chicken-wire with a black pvc coating that adds to its life and reduces its visibility. This is the perfect fence to end escapes. Less visible, longer lasting, and a great deal stronger than any poly dog fence barrier, it's invulnerable to all but the strongest and most determined chewers and can take repeated blows to its mid-section. These kits come in 4, 5, and 6-foot heights and 150, 300, 450, 600, and 750-foot lengths. Should digging be an issue, the fence can be supplemented with a digging barrier that ends the problem. Our handsome metal hex dog fencing has an expected life of over two decades. A fence expert who installs this material in our area tells us that customers are not just satisfied with its performance and appearance, they are delighted.

A McGregor dog fence with metal hexagrid fencing

Our metal hexagrid kits for dogs come in 150 and 300-foot lengths, and two or more kits can be combined to create a barrier fence for dogs of any length. Kit heights are 4, 5, and 6 feet. These kits feature handsome round black posts and come with ground stakes (one stake for every 2 feet of fencing). Digging barriers that lie flat and do not interfere with lawnmowers can be purchased separately.

Installing the fence is easy. Insert the posts 2 feet into the ground. Run a tough top support wire along the top of the fence with fittings provided in the kit. Attach the fencing to the posts and support wire with strong black zip-lock ties, and secure the fencing to the ground with foot-long ground stakes. That's all there is to it.

Metal Hexagrid Kit Catalog

For a full listing of all the parts included in each of these barrier fences for dogs, click on the word "description" below the kit or see our complete parts listing. For other kinds of kits see welded wire kits or polypropylene kits.

4 Foot Height (150 - 750 Foot Lengths)

5 Foot Height (150 and 300 Foot Lengths)

6 Foot Height (150 - 750 Foot Lengths)

Kit Installation Instructions

Click here to view installation instructions for all our metal hexagrid dog fence kits.


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