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McGregor dog fence gate with welded wire dog fencing         

We offer various traditional dog fence accessories: gates, digging barriers, and braces. Gates don't come in our kits because sometimes people want to connect the fence to a structure or other fence that has a gate, and so no gate is needed. Or sometimes a customer will want two or more gates. So we offer our gates separately, even though they contain materials matching those in our fence kits.

Our digging barriers go especially well with fences lacking a foot-long metal mesh bottom fold. They thus help to bolster chain link or wooden fences that need to keep in dogs but lack a bottom fold. This two-foot digging barrier is laid flat on the ground and staked down, so it offers not obstacle to lawn mowers, which pass right over it.

Our braces serve to prevent sideways stress (caused by heavy snow loads or falling tree limbs) from tilting or bending posts and damaging your fence. They're especially good at protecting tall dog fences in snow-prone or heavily treed areas.

Installation Instructions are provided with all our kits. Should you wish to see these instructions in advance, or should you need a second copy, we provide access to these instructions here.



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