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Our Dog Fences in Kit Form

We take pride in providing the best kits in the business. These kits give you a wide choice. They come in a range of heights (4 to 6 feet) and lengths (100 to 330 feet), but two or more kits can be combined to yield a fence of any length. The fences built from these kits are both handsome and effective; and they fade demurely into the background, to the point where a green background of woods or shrubs renders them hardly noticeable.

We feature our metal hexagrid kits because they combine strength and effectiveness with low visibility, and because dogs contained by them require no supervision. But we also offer economical polypropylene kits and strong welded wire kits that could be better tailored to your needs. For instance, if someone will be present when your pet is out, or if your dog won't be inclined to chew or otherwise challenge the fence, consider our polypropylene kits. (Note that rabbits or woodchucks wanting entry to a poly fence enclosure can chew holes in the poly through which a dog might leave -- so if this could be a problem choose one of the other options.)

If your pet will not be supervised and might challenge the fence, and you want to minimize the fence's visibility, browse our metal hexagrid kits. Or else, if some visibility is acceptable and you want a formal rectilinear appearance, take a look at our welded wire kits. Both the metal hexagrid and welded wire kits have versions that come with top rails, which add to the elegance and formality of the fence but also add to its cost. Finally, if digging is a major issue, consider supplementing your fence with our digging barrier kits that prevent digging, disappear into the grass, and stay well away from your lawnmower's whirling blades.


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