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About Our Kits: Why You Should Buy from Us

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The Best Deer Fence Kits

Our kits come with key features that other kits lack. Among them: (1) A staked bottom fold that keeps the deer from nosing under the fence; (2) brace bands for all round posts that prevent the fencing from sliding down the posts; (3) corner bracing gear for all longer kits; and (4) a top support wire for all metal hexagrid kits that strengthens them and enhances their appearance.

We also have a large selection of carefully chosen kits. So whatever your aim and whatever your budget, we’ve got the right kit for you. Here's what we offer:

  • Kits with Metal Hexagrid Deer Exclusion Fencing: These kits are strong, nearly invisible, deer-proof, invulnerable to small animals, low-maintenance, and far longer lasting (20 years or so) than any polypropylene deer exclusion fences. So they’re our first choice; but they’re expensive (circa $5.50 per foot).

  • Affordable Polypropylene Kits: Most of those who prefer to make their deer exclusion fences with polypropylene fencing are seeking affordability. So we feature poly kits with affordable features. Prices range from roughly $2.00 to $3.50 per foot.

  • Poly Kits with Rodent Barriers: If you’ve got woodchucks or rabbits, count on them to make small holes in poly deer exclusion fencing, and count on your deer to force their heads into those holes, enlarge them, and break in. To prevent that we offer kits with 2-foot widths of metal hexagrid “rodent barrier” deer exclusion fencing at the bottom. These kits typically go for $3.00 to $4.50 per foot.

  • Seasonally Removable Deer Exclusion Fences: If you don’t have rabbits or woodchucks and want to remove your deer fence in the off-season, get one of these poly kits. They come with removable posts in sleeves and a weed barrier that keeps grass and weeds from growing into the fence bottom. Prices are in the range of $3.00 to $4.00 per foot.

  • Taller Deer Exclusion Fences: As explained below, we don’t see the point of 7.5 or 8-foot deer fences, being convinced that 7 feet is plenty. But some people want taller fences; and it’s easy to convert fences with rodent barriers into taller fences. You just use slightly taller posts and raise the poly fencing. So we do offer 7.5 and 8-foot poly fences with rodent barriers. Prices range from $3.00 to $5.00 per foot.

The Best Height

Deer will jump 3, 4, and 5-foot fences with alacrity. Sometimes they'll even jump 6-footers. But they'll virtually never jump a 7-footer just to browse. So a 7-foot deer exclusion fence is what you need, and that’s what we provide. (For more on 7 feet being the best height see more on deer fence height.)

The Right Parts

We make sure all our kits have the right deer fence parts. You can find out precisely what’s in each kit by clicking on its description. Click here to learn more about our kit parts.

Low Cost

Our kits are the best deer fence bargain you’ll find anywhere. That’s because they’re really well designed. They’ve got all the deer fence parts you need but nothing more – no outlandish height, no extra posts, no fat. So we can afford to set our prices low, and we do.

Wide Selection

We offer some 30 kits. Because we focus on the best (7-foot) height, our kits can cater to a lot of other preferences. If you have unusual conditions, ask us for a custom quote and we’ll provide it promptly. But most people will find a kit among our wide selection that is well-suited to their needs.

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