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Welcome to page 1 of our kit catalog. You can reach all the kits in this catalog by using the menu below. If you’d like to know more about our kits, visit the about our kits page. If you'd like some guidance in choosing a kit, go to our how to choose a kit page. If you'd like to buy some kit accessories (manual post driver, top support wire, extra zip ties, or a weed barrier) browse this catalog's kit accessories page. Or if you'd like to buy a gate (not included in the kits), visit the gate pages in our main product listings.

As noted elsewhere on this site, besides competitive prices our kits come with features not found elsewhere: a staked bottom fold (to prevent deer from nosing under); brace bands for all round posts (to keep the fencing from sliding downward); corner brace gear to counter sideways stress for all longer (over 165 foot) fences; and a top support wire for all metal hexagrid fences to tighten the fence and enhance its finished look. 

Metal Hexagrid (Steel Web) Kits
Polypropylene Kits (Basic)
Polypropylene Kits (Seasonally Removable)
Polypropylene Kits (with Rodent Barrier and Extra Height)
Kit Accessories

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Metal Hexagrid (Steel Web) Kits 100 to 1,000 Feet - Our Best Kits

These are our best deer fence kits. Both rodent and deer-proof, they are stronger than all polypropylene deer fences, involve less maintenance, and last about twice as long. Their one drawback is their cost, though economy kits are available (see below), and all of our metal hexagrid kits are priced lower than comparable kits sold elsewhere.

Since installation time is roughly the same for both poly and metal hex fences, that makes metal hexagrid deer fences the most cost-effective deer fences on the market. So if the fence were for our yard or garden, this is what we'd get. Please note that gates are not included.

These kits produce fences 7 and 7.5 feet tall, with 6 inches of fencing folded outward at the bottom toward the deer and staked down to reliably keep deer from going under the fence (their favorite way of getting in). Other features of all kits: black stainless steel zip ties lasting the life of the fence (far better than nylon ties that typically last 5-6 years) and brace bands providing anchor points so that the fencing cannot slide down the posts.

The 7-foot kits come with metal posts best installed with a manual post driver purchased separately (cost $39.95) or with a post hole digger if you lack a post driver and have fewer than 10 posts. The posts for the 7.5-foot kits come with drive sleeves best installed with a heavy hammer or small sledge hammer and a drive cap included in the kit. For more about kits, scroll up. For general deer fence information see installation videos, installation instructions, deer facts, deer fence options, deer fence planning, free quotes, deer and pool fences, and expert advice.

7-foot Metal Hexagrid (Steel Web) Fence Kits (100 to 300 Feet)

Economy Kits (no top support wire)

Standard Kits (with top support wire)

7.5-foot Metal Hexagrid (Steel Web) Fence Kits (100 to 300 Feet)

Economy Kit (no top support wire)

Standard Kits (with top support wire)

Longer 7.5-foot Fence Kits (400 to 1,000 Feet)


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