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 A cat corral built with McGregor Fence cat fencing supplies. Better than Purrfect Fence    

Standard Kits for a No-chew, No-climb Cat Corral (100 - 750 Feet Long, Everything Included Except a Gate)

  • Sizes: These outdoor cat corral kits, which come in 6 and 7.5 foot heights and 100 to 750 foot lengths, make it easy to buy cat fencing. These kits include everything except gates, so once you are finished here we recommend that you visit our cat fence gates page.

  • Strong Bottoms: If you plan to buy a fence for cats, be sure it has a strong bottom--to prevent any animal from chewing through the fence. All our cat corral kits come with enough metal mesh fencing to soundly gird the fence bottom.

  • Post Spacing: Be sure your fence has the right post spacing. Our kits come with 1 post and extender arm for every 17 feet of fence. 

  • Other Choices: If you'd like to buy a fence for cats but feel you need more posts because your cat corral will have a lot of corners or will need to get around a long curve, see our kits with extra posts. Also, our fences are not designed to take heavy snow loads. If it's likely your fence will receive heavy snow loads, see our snow protection kits.

  • Conversion Kits: Or else, if you'd like to buy cat fencing that will affordably convert a 5-foot or taller fence or the side of a wooden building into a no-climb cat fence, see our kits to convert walls and fences into cat fences.

  • Parts: Its good to view a list of parts before you buy cat fencing. For the parts in any kit below, click on the "Description" for that kit; or scroll down below the catalog and click the "Complete list of parts" link to see a full list of parts in all our Standard Kits. Cat fence gates are not included with our kits but are available in widths of 3 to 7 feet.


Our Standard Cat Corral Kits: 100 to 750 Feet Long, 6 and 7.5 Feet Tall

For more about these and other kits, scroll up. Or plan your own cat fence, convert a fence or wall to a cat fence, see our installation videos, get a free quote, or get expert advice.  

Kits That Make 6 Foot Fences

Kits That Make 7.5 Foot Fences

Kit Parts

Click here for a complete list of parts in each of our Standard Kits.