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Post Assemblies


Post Assemblies (each assembly includes the post, a sleeve, an extender arm, an end cap, and a self-tapping screw) 

These post assemblies include long-lasting galvanized steel 1-3/8" posts with a .055 inch wall thickness that are covered with a black pvc coating.  Each post will slide 20 inches into a 24-inch ground sleeve, and each comes with a male end that will accept a 1-3/8-inch diameter extender arm. The array of sleeve, post, and extender arm also includes a cap (rail end) that fits onto the open end of the extender arm and is secured with a self-tapping screw. (An electric drill is needed to apply the screw.)  The posts for 6-foot tall cat corrals are 73 inches long, while those for 7.5-foot cat corrals are 86 inches long. All of the other parts (sleeves, extenders, and caps) for the two fence heights are the same. In addition to complete sets, each of these parts (sleeves, short posts, long posts, extender arms, rail ends, and screws) can be purchased separately (see post-related gear below). 


post assembly for a cat fence kit with snow protection

Post Assembly for Snow Protection (each assembly includes the post; a sleeve; a bolt, nut, and washer; an end cap; and a self-tapping screw)

To protect against snow we add posts that support the extender arms by attaching to the far end of each arm. These posts (1-3/8 x 84 inches with a .055 inch steel wall, galvanized, and coated with black pvc) come with drive sleeves, caps, self-tapping screws, and other gear (a nut, bolt, and washer) that are used to attach them to the extender arms. This entire array may be purchased as a unit, or individual parts may be purchased separately (see below).

Posts Sold Alone

We offer these posts in case you simply want a post -- without the sleeve, extender arm, end cap, or attachers.


Braces for Use in Place of Snow Post Assemblies

We offer both corner and end/gate braces for snow protection. Please note that these are sold in pairs (enough for 2 corners or for 2 ends or 1 gate) and in packs of four (enough for 4 corners, 4 ends, or 2 gates).


Post-related Parts (Sleeves, Extender Arms, Caps, Attachment Screws, and Wall Mounts)

In the unlikely event that you don't want posts but instead want post-related gear (drive sleeves, extender arms, caps, self-tapping screws, nut-bolt-washer assemblies, or wood screws) we offer all of these items individually.

Self-tapping screws, bag of 16
Prod. ID: CF-SCREW-16
Cat Fence Wall Mounts for Posts: Pack of 4, Low Cost Solution: Learn More