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Gates for outdoor cat enclosures


Our McGregor Fence cat Sati contemplating a cat fence gate.                    

Gates for 6-foot Tall Cat FencesGates for 7.5-foot Tall Cat Fences          


Our gates come in heights suited to our 6 and 7.5-foot cat enclosure fences and in widths of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 feet. All of our gates are easily assembled.

Please note that these gates are designed to work with our McGregor cat enclosure fences and do not contain all the gear needed to work with other sorts of fences. If you would like to integrate one of these gates into some other type of cat fence, please contact us for assistance. Also, each gate for a 6-foot cat fence with snow protection must be supplemented by one snow protection post assembly (product CF-PST-ASM-6SN) in order to provide good snow protection for the gate. 

All of these gates include materials for the gate frame and gate door; a protection bar to prevent cats from slipping through the gate on the latch side, a gate latch, gate hinges, a turnbuckle to adjust and tighten the gate door, and detailed pictorial installation instructions. Please note that the gate frame comes with top and bottom spreader bars (the bottom one goes right on the ground), but the frame only has one vertical post, one drive sleeve, and one extender arm. That's because the gate is designed to be installed on an existing line post and includes only the materials needed for this type of installation. The only other item not included is fencing for the gate door, which should be cut from the material being used to build your fence and attached by means of attachment ties provided with the gate.

Should you be worried that children or others will occasionally leave the gate open, you can prevent that by applying a padlock to handy holes in the gate latch.


Gates for Our 6-foot Outdoor Cat Enclosure Fences


Gates for Our 7.5-foot Outdoor Cat Enclosure Fences