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the best cat enclosure fences at the best price: Mcgregor Fence


We provide cat enclosure fences to meet all owners' needs. These reliable, affordably priced 6 and 7.5-foot fences come as standard kits, kits with extra posts, and kits for places with heavy snow (gates sold separately). Want to make a wall or existing fence into all or part of a cat enclosure? Our conversion kits will do the job. Here are four of our most popular kits:

Start here to browse all our 100 to 750-foot kits; or use the menu below to explore our full range of kits, supplies, installation videos, and information; or call us at 508-888-8305 (M-F, 9-5, Eastern time) for expert advice on how to plan and customize your fence.

Standard Kits:
     6-foot Kits (100 to 750 feet)
     7.5-foot Kits (100 to 750 Feet)
Kits with Extra Posts:
     6-foot Kits (100 to 300 Feet)
     7.5-foot Kits (100 to 300 Feet)
Kits with Snow Protection (100 to 300 Feet)
Kits for Walls or Existing Fences:
     Economy Kits (100 to 300 Feet)
     Deluxe Kits (100 to 300 Feet)
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How to Install Cat Fence (Videos)
Cat Fence Planning
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