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McGregor's Cat Fence Installation Videos


You should see these videos, the best cat fence installation videos available anywhere. Please note that they relate specifically to McGregor cat fences. Both thorough and brief, they can all be viewed in 40 minutes. Start viewing by clicking any of the links below:


  1. Slide Show Introduction: (3 minutes)

Post Installation

  1. Installing Post Sleeves (4 minutes)
  2. Joining Post Assemblies (5 minutes)
  3. Snow Protection Posts (3 minutes)

Gate Installation

  1. Installing Gates (8 minutes)

Poly and Metal Fence Installation

  1. Installing Polypropylene Fencing (7 minutes)
  2. Installing the Metal Skirt (3 minutes)
  3. Joining and Staking Down the Fencing (2 minutes)

The McGregor Video Channel

Playlist: All the McGregor Cat Fence Installation Videos