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Create Your Own Cat Enclosure, Page 3: Stakes, Screws, Installation, Purchase

Page 1: Introduction, Fencing, Posts
Page 2: Gates, Drive Caps, Wall Mounts, Ties, Staples
Page 3: Stakes, Screws, Installation, Purchase



Polypropylene and Metal Hexgrid Fence Rolls
6 and 7.5-foot Post Assemblies
Post Assemblies for Snow Protection (Optional)
Gear for Converting Walls and Ordinary Fences into Cat Fences (Optional)
Gates (Optional)
Drive Caps
Wall Mounts (Optional)
Zip-lock Ties
Hog Ring Staples (Optional)
Ground Stakes
Self-tapping Screws (Optional)

A ground stake for securing the cat fence bottom.

Ground Stakes

To secure the bottom of the fence or the bottom fold to the ground, use a ground stake every 18 inches. These ground stakes, made of galvanized steel, are a foot long, sport a kink to help keep them in the ground, and have a hook on the end to grasp the fencing.

A self-tapping screw used to install cat fencing. 

Self-tapping Screws

Each post assembly (both the two regular assemblies and the snow protection assembly) come with 1 self-tapping screw to attach the cap to the end of the assembly. In addition, you may wish to use one self-tapping screw at all joins between posts and sleeves, and also at the joins between posts and extender arms, in order to prevent any element in these post assemblies from moving. If so, get two self-tapping screws for each regular post assembly and one self-tapping screw for each snow protection post assembly. Sold in bags of 16.

Self-tapping screws, bag of 16
Prod. ID: CF-SCREW-16


Installation Instructions

You can find general installation instructions suitable for all our cat fences by visiting our installation pages. Click on the PDF link for each set of instructions to get an easily printable version of those instructions.  


Purchasing Your Fence Materials

You can use the list in your shopping cart for planning purposes. Or more directly, if you have gone through these pages selecting appropriate items, you now have all the materials needed to create your cat fence and are ready to complete your purchase by checking out.