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Create Your Own Cat enclosure, Page 2: Gates, Drive Caps, Wall Mounts, Ties, Staples

Page 1: Introduction, Fencing, Posts
Page 2: Gates, Drive Caps, Wall Mounts, Ties, Staples
Page 3: Stakes, Screws, Installation, Purchase




Polypropylene and Metal Hexgrid Fence Rolls
6 and 7.5-foot Post Assemblies
Post Assemblies for Snow Protection (Optional)
Gear for Converting Walls and Ordinary Fences into Cat Fences (Optional)
Gates (Optional)
Drive Caps
Wall Mounts (Optional)
Zip-lock Ties
Hog Ring Staples (Optional)
Ground Stakes
Self-tapping Screws (Optional)


A cat fence gate.


The most popular gates for outdoor cat enclosures are 3 and 4 feet wide, so those are the gates we list here. For wider (5 and 6-foot) cat fence gates see our gates page. Please note that each gate comes with only one support post assembly, and so you will need another post assembly to complete the gate. Also, the 6-foot gates do not come with snow protection post assemblies, and so you will need to get two of these for each gate.



Drive Caps

Put one of these caps on top of each post sleeve as you drive it in with a sledgehammer, in order to avoid damaging the top of the sleeve. These caps can wear out in hard soil, so get one cap for every 24 posts.

Wall mounts used in cat fence conversion kits. 

Wall Mounts

Should you need to attach a post to the side of a wooden building or fence, use two of these wall mounts to do it. They come in packs of six. Screws not included.

Cat Fence Wall Mounts for Posts: Low Cost Solution: Learn More


Zip-lock Ties

These zip-lock ties are used to attach the cat fencing to the post assemblies (posts and extender arms) and also to join the polypropylene fencing to the metal hexagrid fencing. Plan on using 8 zip-ties per post assembly to attach the fencing to the posts and 1 zip-tie per foot for joining the two types of fencing.



Hog Ring Stapler and Staples

If you have a very long fence (over 300 feet long) it is worth getting a hog ring stapler and staples in place of the zip-ties for joining the two types of fencing. (You will still need zip-ties for attaching the fencing to the posts). These hog-ring staples can be applied much faster than the zip-ties, and being made of galvanized steel instead of nylon will last longer.

King-Hughes Hog Ring Stapler with Magazine: Versatile Tool: Learn More
Prod. ID: 17-16
Our Prices:
1 - 2 $59.95
3 - 5 $56.95
6+ $54.95
Circular Staples, Hog Ring Form, King-Hughes, Galvanized Steel, Pointed, 2,500 Staples
Prod. ID: 17-17
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $15.95
5 - 9 $15.15
10+ $14.35