Cat Fence Kit, 200 x 7.5 Ft with Extra Posts


Parts in This Kit (Product CF-KT-200×7.5-16P):

2 rolls, polypropylene fencing, heavy duty reinforced, 8 x 100 feet
2 rolls, no-chew metal mesh fencing, 2 x 100 feet
16 posts, 1-3/8″ x 86″ (male end) with post extender arms
16 post sleeves for 1-3/8″ posts
16 post caps
Drive cap for installing post sleeves in ground
400 eight-inch strong black zip-lock ties
120 ground stakes
60 self-tapping screws
Easy and complete installation instructions



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Cat retreating from fence

Product ID: CF-KT-200×7.5-16P

  • Posts: This 7.5 x 200-foot kit comes come with extra post assemblies (16 in all) to help deal with extra corners or to assist in getting around curves.
  • Strong Bottoms: This kit, like all our other stand-alone kits, comes with enough metal mesh fencing to cover the lower reaches of the fence — so as to prevent any animal from chewing through the fence.
  • Other Choices: If you feel you could do with fewer posts and would like to save some money, see our standard kits. Also, despite the extra posts these fences are not designed to take massive snow loads. If it’s likely your fence will receive massive snow loads, see our cat fence braces.
  • Conversion Kits: Or else, if you would like to affordably convert a fence or the side of a wooden building into a no-climb cat fence, see our conversion kits that convert walls and fences into cat fences.
  • Gates: No gate is included with this kit, but these are available in widths of 3 to 7 feet on our gates page.


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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.